Exotic islands with turquoise waters awaits you to 

explore them

swimming in exotic islands

Just imagine yourself diving from the deck of a boat into the refreshing crystalline sea or snorkeling in this pool-like wonder that has some of the best visibility in the world!’

  Millions of visitors from Greece and abroad come to Halkidiki every year to enjoy the crystal clear blue waters and dazzling sunlight. Halkidiki is a dream destination for many, as the classic image of summer in Greece. Whether you choose the island of Ammouliani with the exotic beaches, the islet of Drenia or Blue Lagoon- Vourvourou’s islet, you will enjoy sailing in crystal clear turquoise waters. 

In all of our swimming excursions, we provide you free of charge swimming equipment, in order to discover the unparalleled underwater sea life. If you are not sure in which island should you hop, we provide you with the appropriate informations of our top destinations, so as to decide which of satisfies best your summer needs.

Most popular destinations:

1.Ammouliani round tour & Drenia islet

2.Blue Lagoon-Vourvourou's islet

Ammouliani: a small majestic island, the unique inhabited in Macedonia. This beautiful island is located right across of Mount Athos and is an island full of contrasts, ranging from traditional fishing restaurants to modern holiday hotels, clear blue seas, white sandy beaches and colourful flowers. This island has a cosmopolitan feeling combined with a special traditional character. Ammouliani has wonderful beaches such as, Alikes & Karagatsia with picturesque bays.

Drenia islet: Surrounded by several small islands that serve as a barrier from the waves and the wind, this vivid aquamarine coloured lagoon called Drenia, will make you think that you are at the heigh of bliss! Drenia islands or ”Gaidouronisia”, as the locals refer to it, is a group of 6 small islands off the southern tip of Ammouliani island. Drenia can be visited only by boat and is a magic destination that visitor refer to it as ” the Caribbean of Halkidiki” 

Vourvourou’s islet: is a perfect marriage of beauty and tourism. It is blessed with some of the most beautiful golden beaches in the world, the most popular of which are located in the island’s southern side. One of them is the famous ‘Blue Lagoon’, an exotic bay that is accessible only by boat.

Blue Lagoon: a small strait between Diaporos island and Agios Isidoros island, the Blue Lagoon is a shallow bay with a white sandy sea bottom. This combination of white sand and the shallow depth allows for a very light glacier blue colour to the water. From above, it appears as if somebody turned on the underwater lights to illuminate the lagoon like a brilliant gem- it is absolutely stunning! 


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